Posted on December 21 3:57am 2016

“Bianca, I can’t thank you enough for your time and effort. Your reading truly resonated with me, there were an uncanny number of particulars that I connected with. Your format was easy to follow and I truly appreciated the extra touch with my birth cards! Once again, thank you kindly and I wish you all the best Philomena”


Posted on December 4 10:14pm 2016

“Bianca thank you for your insight on my question it’s good to know all is not lost”


Posted on December 5 10:16pm 2016

“Hi, Bianca! Such a spot on reading/interpretation…The reading is so refreshing I cannot question it…Thank you for your time and talent. I like the way of your interpretation, so intuitive. Thanks again and hope you’ll continue what you do. It’s helping. Take care!”


Posted on December 5 10:11pm 2016

“You did an excellent job, very professional, and I can see you are serious and dedicated to deliver a good job! Thank you”


December 4 10:17pm 2016

“Bianca was my tarot reader this time. I should emphasize her sensibility to address an issue that is so important and sensitive for me. When I ask her for a reading, I was dealing with a difficult emotional situation and her reading was incredible, helping me a lot. She gave me the information in a very positive way, helping me to better understand and unlock the situation. And her spread confirmed me what I’ve been feeling for the last months. Thank you, Bianca! You were very kind and helpful!”


Posted on December 4 10:15pm 2016

“Bianca was amazing and answered my question.”


Posted on December 4 12:47pm 2016

“I am amazed at the amount of information you were able to pull out of 2 cards, and especially these. I’ve been playing with the Tarot off and on for 45 years and am very impressed with the way you relate to the cards – definitely beyond the little white book! … I very much appreciate your very direct style of addressing the question. It was well laid out and did not include any metaphysical fluff and you demonstrate confidence in your interpretation. I would feel confident referring clients to you, based on this reading … I was also struck by the aptness of your specific suggestions for action, as they are very appropriate. Thank you again for this reading, I found it validating my own perceptions of the best way forward as well as encouraging.Thank you for the reading! Lia”


Posted on December 4 11:15am 2016

“Bianca, thank you so much for this info!I appreciate it!


Posted on December 4 11:07am 2016

“Excellent genuine reader who hit the mark several times…… Would def recommend….. A++++|