Card of the Day – 26 April 2019

Six of Swords Reversed

A Minor Arcvana card that shows movement. Swords in the tarot represent the air signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. Ruler is Mercury, the planet of communication and movement. The card is reversed and this indicates that there is no movement or communication. They have been blocked probably due to difficult or negative information.

This card generally shows that additional information is needed to restore movement and communication but it is not available yet. The message of the card is that the way we communicate is equally important with what needs to be said because it can lead to the opposite outcome. Be careful and avoid making decisive decisions yet as vital information is still missing. The card could also mean depression or deep melancholy.

Γράφει η αστρολόγος
Λευκή “Bianca” Καμένο

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