Card of the Day/Week – 22-28 April 2019

Card of the Day 22 April 2019

The Death

Another dark card of the Major Arcana that “frightens” even though it does not represent physical death but the end of a situation or of a belief and its transformation or replacement with something new. This card represents the sign of Scorpio. Pluto, the planet of transformation, is the ruler.

The message of this card continues to be that we must not resist the changes that are coming – it is the card that follows The Hanged Man card, which came up on Friday – but instead we shall accept and embrace them. This card is dark, which indicates difficulties or pain, but the sun rises in the horizon, which indicates that every change or end can be painful but it must not scare us because it will lead to something better. The card is in line with the planetary scene of the week, which warns of upcoming changes and sudden overturns, even in the way we think!

Card of the Week – 22-28 April 2019

Page of Pentacles

A Minor Arcana card with a positive message. This card reflects a young person holding a coin and focusing his eyes on it. There is lush greenery in the background. This card sends the message that this week we must set grounded goals for our future but we must also remain down-to-earth and focused. We must not allow various events that might happen to take us away from our path! We are also called upon to be careful with our economic management and anything that has to do with material stuff. Avoid overspending!

Γράφει η αστρολόγος
Λευκή “Bianca” Καμένο

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