Card of the Day – 16 April 2019

Today’s card is again The Devil Reversed. This card came up just a few days ago on 11 April, the day Julian Assange was arrested in London. The message of this card is that we have the inner strength and it is up to us to use it correctly to “free ourselves” from what holds us back and move forward.

The Devil Reversed

One of the “darkest” Major Arcana cards; a usually “frightening” card when it comes up in a reading. This card represents “addictions” of any kind that we may have. Addiction is any habit that keeps us bound to something. (Here I would like to stress that addiction does not have to do solely with drugs. Addiction is any habit or behavior we have that impacts our life, such as smoking, eating habits, a relationship, a person, being a workaholic, etc.)

This card came up reversed. This shows that we have the inner strength to “free ourselves” as long as we make the decision. It all depends on us. We hold the key. If we decide to remain attached on something that does not help us, we will be led to self-destruction. Saturn rules this card. In combination with the planetary aspects of these days (Sun square Saturn, Sun square Pluto), the message of the card is that to move forward we must first “cut the ties” and “free ourselves” from something that holds us back. It is not easy but we have the power to succeed if we demonstrate discipline, stay focused, be patient and work methodically.

Γράφει η αστρολόγος
Λευκή “Bianca” Καμένο

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