Card of the Day – 15 April 2019

Ace of Pentacles – Ace cards always mean new beginnings. This Minor Arcana card depicts a hand that seems to be falling out of the blue sky holding a pentacle. In the background there is a gate full of lush green leading to a bright path. The message of the card is most positive as it suggests optimism, positivity, good mood and hope for the future. It is a card which gives the message of favorable new beginnings, financial and in love.

In combination with the rather positive and hopeful planetary scene of the week, the message of this card is that this is a positive day with potential new opportunities for many. If you have the opportunity, do “plant the seed” and watch it grow fast. Take advantage!

Card of the Week 15-21 April

Three of Wands – Another Minor Arcana card which depicts a man holding a wand and looking toward the sea “waiting for his ship to come in.” Another two wands are in the ground. The wands have small green leaves coming out, which certainly shows growth. The number 3 of the card is also a number of growth and expansion. The basic message is that our efforts will soon bear fruit. It is a message that combines perfectly with the recent planetary moves that asked us to leave behind whatever has not been working and apply the necessary changes so that we can move forward. Hence, the message of the card for the week ahead is positive, especially for those who have already worked hard as they will soon see the results of their efforts bear fruit and their “ship coming in”.

Γράφει η αστρολόγος
Λευκή “Bianca” Καμένο

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